Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello block party, goodbye summer

You know it's summer when makeshift blockades are erected on a long stretch of road, neighbors spill out of homes to linger on someone else's lawn, and the food options come in three flavors: fat, fatty and fattiest.

Oh, yeah. And there's beer. Lots of it.

Yes, my friends, that is the quintessential neighborhood block party, and Ian, CC and I drove down to Long Beach this weekend to visit some friends and partake of Labor Day libations. There was also a bouncy house, toys for anyone who wanted them and an ongoing golf game that gave you extra points if you landed the ball in balloon cleavage. Nice.

After one round, though, it was time for the pool.

CC wasted no time in disrobing and asking for her swimsuit. She did, however, allow me just enough time to put a swim diaper on her before she leaped into the blue basin as if it were her own.

I would have insisted anyway. I mean, imagine the embarrassment. Heck, we didn't even know whose pool we were letting our daughter splash in.

That was the great part -- everything belonged to everybody. And everybody was happy just to enjoy what was left of a particularly scorching season.

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