Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy McHappy Day!

CC buys a McDonald's "Give a Hand" for $1 from Billy Bush.

When CC and I visited the Ronald McDonald House in Hollywood last week, I didn't want to leave.

That must sound strange, I know, considering it was our first time there and it wasn't, you know, our house. But watching my toddler daughter play on toys with other children and decorate sugar cookies with kids whose siblings were being treated in a nearby hospital was nothing short of heartbreaking ... in a good way.

A few other fellow mom bloggers and I had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Ronald McDonald House Charities Thursday over dinner and Friday to learn more about McHappy Day, a series of days really -- Nov. 10-20 -- during which participating McDonald's restaurants offer "Give a Hand" cards for $1.

These donations go toward raising funds for local Ronald McDonald House chapters, as well as Mickey D-related programs around the world. Not only are there the houses themselves, which provide room and board to families that need to be close to a hospitalized child, but there are also camps, health-care mobiles and scholarships for children.

On Friday after our tour, we joined Access Hollywood's Billy Bush and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres at a local McDonald's, where CC was able to contribute $1 for her own "Give a Hand."

I chatted with both Billy and Dayanara (left) about their experience with the Charity.

"I'm very guilty. I'm a very guilty person, and I feel like it's shameful that I have what I have," Billy said. "I'm a blessed, blessed guy. I've got healthy kids, and if something, God forbid, happened to one of my children, I'd be able to at least pay for the best possible chance at surviving and beating it, and without Ronald McDonald a lot of families wouldn't."

"I'm a mom," said Dayanara.
"I would never like to leave my kid, not even for a night," she added, talking about the House itself and what it has to offer families. "I'll sleep on a chair if I have to, so (Ronald McDonald House Charities) is just a wonderful organization, and I wanted to be a part of it."

It was an amazing, touching couple of days, but what I loved most was helping my child give back. It was only $1, but she walked up to the counter and let it go all by herself.

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