Friday, December 11, 2009

C is for Cookie Song

While I was putting CC down for a nap this afternoon, she started singing her now famous "Cookie Song" as a way to procrastinate on snoozing.

It's a simple little ditty and one she has invited her parents to sing as well.

The trick, however, much like the Chinese language, is intonation. You start out with your regular voice and get louder as the song continues. Notice the above video. "Cookie song, cookie song, cookie SONG!"

Well, today when I offered my feeble efforts, turning up the requisite volume at the end, CC stopped me and showed me how it was supposed to be sung.

"Cookie song, cookie song, cookie SSOOOAAAAOOOOONNNNGGG!!!" she shrieked like a mad chipmunk. "Like that."

Oh. My bad.

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