Sunday, December 20, 2009

Giveaway: 'Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas' DVD

The holidays might have me overwhelmed, but when my child starts singing "Our Christmas Monkey," all seems right with the world.

A couple weeks ago, I received for review a Curious George party kit, which included a DVD of the recent holiday special "Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas", a CD of music from the movie, the book "Curious George: Christmas Countdown," a puzzle and popcorn to really make it a monkey of a party.

Although the festivities included only Ian, CC and me, we still had lots of fun. As is the case with most toddlers, they're big fans of repetition. So you can bet we've watched the movie, played the CD, read the book and put together the puzzle more than just once. The popcorn we haven't broken into, but shhh. Don't tell.

The movie itself is adorable. Our little Curious George is anxious for Christmas to arrive and wakes up every morning hoping today's the day. While he checks off each day until December 25, George gets caught up in plenty of adventure, from tree havoc to squished tomato madness.

But Curious George and The Man With the Yellow Hat have a big puzzle to solve -- what to get the other one for Christmas. Some of the scenes are silly, yes, but it really touches on the poignant idea of connection and how we sometimes feel as if we might have lost it -- even with those closest to us.

*** GIVEAWAY ***

As CC, Ian and I will no doubt be watching this movie every day until Christmas, I'm offering another copy of the DVD for you and your family to enjoy during the holidays.

Just leave a comment below, or follow me on Twitter (I'm la_story). If you do both, I'll enter your name twice. Just be sure to let me know via comment or direct message.

Good luck, and I'll announce the winner Tuesday, Dec. 22 ... and I'll do my best to make sure you get it by Christmas!


Liz said...

ugh... I have a son, who is obsessed with Curious George!!! I hope I win it for him! said...

My DD is obsessed with George and the man in the yellow hat. *fingers crossed!*

Oh, and I'm following on twitter


YvonneinLA said...

i would love to have this dvd as an alternative to rudolph, which we have watched a thousand times.

Pokie said...

I like monkeys!

Christina R. said...

My two year old would love this!

cpullum said...

My daughter would love this! I myself grew up on this! I really enjoyed the cartoons!


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