Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Under the Sea makes a splash

Nothing like Under the Sea and its ocean of mermaids, plastic cars, motorcycles and a bounce house to liven up your life on land.

That's exactly where CC and I met a few friends last week, and it was a total hit. Of course, this was before the stitches fiasco of "aught-nine," so I wasn't as freaked out as I would have been, say, now.

CC had a great time, hangin' with a pair of other toddlers -- zooming around on four tiny wheels, climbing into the indoor playtime adventure that is the Southern California specialty.

If you've never been there, which I hadn't before last week, it's a definite must-see. The underwater-themed kiddo extravaganza
offers lots of space and lots of toys.

A couple of other moms and I met with our little ones on a Monday, and the place was totally empty. I'm talking not even the trace of some random Cheerio. If underwater cities had ghost towns, well, you get the point.

But, hey, it was great for the kids. They had the run of the place. And I'm sure the celebration HQ more than makes up for it on the weekends, with pizza parties and birthday bonanzas.

In our case, it was nice. The whole "sharing" issue was a lot more manageable with three kids instead of, say, a sea of them.

Click here for locations.

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