Monday, January 18, 2010

In the spirit of MLK, let's help Haiti

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day comes a certain amount of hopeful expectation -- expectation that ranges from more tolerance to more community volunteers. After all, this day also calls all Americans to a National Day of Service in his honor.

Although there is great need within the United States, no doubt, there is also dire and imminent need in Haiti, after the tragic earthquake that struck the island nation on Jan. 12.

Luckily, our community of greater Los Angeles -- along with the U.S. in general -- is rising to meet that need.

Ian and I have already donated to Catholic Relief Services and The Salvation Army. (And here is a link to a list of other organizations that are supporting efforts for Haiti.)

But I wanted to get CC involved, too. So this morning we visited a local grocery store and bought items such as pasta, milk powder, peanut butter and cooking oil, all of which will go to the ANA Children's Center and Brebis de Saint Michelle Orphanage (BRESMA) in Port-au-Prince.

This has been organized by Lime Studios in Santa Monica.

I'm all for my child learning how to give back to other children in need, and this is one way for her to help.

Please visit the Lime-Aid website for a list of the 10 items they're collecting as well as drop-off locations around the city.

Image courtesy of Lime Studios


Peter said...

The Haiti relief efforts taken by Los Angelenos are pretty impressive. A few of the measures taken are myths, FYI -- including that mail to Haiti is free, or that any forwarding of text messages or facebook updates will result in donations to the Red Cross.

The $10 text message number is legitimate, though. More info on this stuff is at

Peter said...

...That was supposed to be "" Heh heh.

L.A. Story said...

People should definitely make sure that their organization of choice is legitimate.


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