Sunday, January 3, 2010

LA Moms Blog: Helicopter parenting

Please check out my latest LA Moms Blog post, "Helicopter Parent Hits Some Turbulence."

If you didn't catch the Time magazine article "Helicopter Parents: The Backlash Against Overparenting," I happened to read it just before CC took a tumble and had to visit the emergency room. And I had been "hovering" a mere 10 feet away from her.

It's a struggle to know when you're hovering too closely, but I'm hoping I won't really have to worry about it until I'm contemplating moving next door to her college dorm.


April said...

At CC's age, it shouldn't too big a concern. I only got halfway through the article and then I remembered why I hate parenting articles. What works for ME and my family is all that really matters.
Having said that, I'm currently struggling with the idea of letting Sylvia walk to school instead of driving her. We live close enough, and my concern is not that SHE couldn't handle it. I trust her, I just don't trust anyone else! I've decided that if she has a friend nearby, I'll let her walk with someone else.

L.A. Story said...

It's so true. Every parent has to do what's right for his/her family. But I'm sure it's tough thinking about letting Sylvia walk to school by herself. Having a friend walk with her would ease your mind, I'm sure.


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