Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bounce With Me, Bounce With Me

From bounce houses to hot dogs to inflatable slides, the annual Spring Wing Ding Game Day hosted by the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood was a blast.

Our fearless preschooler made a beeline for anything with "bounce" or "bouncy" in the description, even trying to shimmy her way into the "big kids bounce house." (Sorry, kid. For now, you'll have to stay behind that velvet rope.)

There were also tons of games, including a fishing station, where kids could cast their line over a small wall and an age-appropriate toy would "bite." Let's just say CC was eager to revisit that station. (I was worried someone would say, "Weren't you just here?" Luckily, we avoided that embarrassment.)

We visited last year and still marveled at how large the offerings were. In addition to the bouncy bonanza, there was also a silent auction, a police car on display and so much food.

And, no, I was not able to turn down goodies going for 25 cents apiece -- my small sacrifice for a good cause.

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