Sunday, March 14, 2010

CC goes on 'Math Adventure' for Pi Day

As math geeks all over the world celebrate Pi Day (3.14 ...), today seemed like the perfect day to revel in numbers-based fun with my little math-loving munchkin, courtesy of DVD "LeapFrog: Math Adventure to the Moon."

CC has gotten really comfortable with counting, navigating her way from 1-20 as often as she can. She's also good with shapes and sorting them.

"Triangle!" she says with glee. "Square!" I love that she finds joy in everyday objects.

So when I received a review copy of the DVD from Lionsgate, I was happy to see that LeapFrog makes the subject fun and engaging through storytelling and visually appealing graphics.

"Math Adventure to the Moon" has twins Tad and Lily searching for 10 items at home for a school math project. When they have trouble counting, their trusty and magical firefly friend, Edison, takes them on a rocket ship bound for lunar learning.

Their hope is to collect 10 moon rocks, but when they shoot past the moon itself, they find themselves on a whole new adventure. That adventure involves counting, sorting and discerning various shapes.

At a brisk 36 minutes, the DVD ($14.95) is a quick quest that reinforces preschool math concepts geared toward ages 3-6.

CC enjoyed the story and kept asking for the froggies' lightning bug friend. "What's his name, Mommy? What's his name?"

She also loved the sorting game, which is included in the extras portion of the DVD. She can name the shapes of crystals and put them in their proper place.

While we won't be breaking out the Champers or juice boxes to celebrate Pi Day, I will raise a glass -- er, coffee mug -- to toast my little math geek in training.

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