Monday, March 29, 2010

Ralph's World takes over Amoeba Music

Surrounded by posters of The Doors, System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails and Cher, Ralph's World took the stage yesterday to croon kids' tunes at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.

And, of course, CC was right there, ready to play the invisible keyboard on stage or just hop like a frog with the other half-pints. (Yes, I placed those wacky black bars over the other children's eyes to provide some sense of anonymity. They're not mine, after all.)

You could see they were all having a great time, singing and dancing to high-energy songs such as "The Coffee Song" (really a fun ode for the parents and one I could certainly relate to), "Abby's Alphabet Soup" and "Surfin' in My Imagination."

"Get your surfboards!" creator Ralph Covert said, raising both hands in the air.

"I recognize the irony," he then added, "of a guy from Chicago teaching L.A. kids how to surf."

We had a great time, and Ralph was a genuinely nice guy, greeting guests and telling parents, including me, that he was happy we were there.

He'll be in the L.A. area giving free performances through Friday. Click here for more info.

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