Monday, April 5, 2010

Santa Barbara, here we come!

The fam and I have decided to take a small break from the L.A. madness and drive up the coast to Santa Barbara for a couple days.

It's always nice to recharge the batteries, and we're a bit overdue.

So, I won't be posting tomorrow but will be back with more fun adventures on Wednesday.

In the meantime, check out my latest LA Moms Blog post, "Daylight Saving Time Is Cleaning My Clock." You might be able to commiserate with me on this one, or you might just say that I sound like I need a vacation. In which case, you'd be right. :)


Peter said...

Santa Barbara is awesome! We went there in October and spend the whole day just walking around downtown. Very beautiful place.

Be sure to rent the 3- or 4-wheeled bikes and ride them along the beach! Did I mention SB is awesome?

L.A. Story said...

Santa Barbara was awesome! We loved it. We spent a lot of time walking and lounging, but next time we want to rent bikes ... and go to nearby Solvang! Heard that's fun, too!


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