Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dermalogica on Montana Gets Moms Glowing

CC watches nearby skin treatments at Dermalogica on Montana.

Last weekend, Dermalogica on Montana hosted a lovely pre-Mother's Day party for a few moms like me, and CC was not about to miss out on the fun.

When she asked where we were going, I told her that Mommy was going to get a facial -- "Microzone treatment" would have been a little tough for her to digest -- and she said, "I want a facial, too!"

As adorable as that would have been, she opted to sit this one out and watch as mothers received flash exfoliation or eye revitalization treatments (in addition to skincare-friendly goody bags) and their tween girls got fun advice on how to care for tricky teen skin.

Actually, CC was mostly focused on the strawberries, pineapples and meringue cookies on offer. Ah, youth. :)

I've been invited to Dermalogica a couple of times, and each time has been an amazing experience. The hour-long skin treatment ($85) is definitely a relaxing break from the day-to-day craziness.

While you lie tucked comfortably into a warm, cozy bed, a skin therapist exfoliates, extracts, tones, massages and leaves your skin feeling clean and healthy.

The Microzone treatment, which I experienced for the first time this past weekend, is a 20-minute option that offers a quick, casual treatment for a mere $25. Not bad. I had the flash exfoliation, and I left looking dewy and refreshed.

One fellow mom even said I was glowing. Ah, (exfoliated) youth.

Dermalogica on Montana
1022 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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