Thursday, May 27, 2010

L.A. Getaway: Samantha Brown Visits Palm Springs

Samantha Brown takes a ride in Palm Springs.

Summer is just about here, and Ian, CC and I are thinking about places to go to get out of town. We're probably going to stick close by, and we've already taken road trips to Las Vegas and Santa Barbara. Where else should we look?

Luckily, there's Samantha Brown and the Travel Channel.

Just so you know, I love her.

I faithfully watched her Passport to Europe (yay Berlin!) and Passport to China series as well as her Passport to Great Weekends, which included a visit to Los Angeles (hello, surfing rabbi!).

Her latest incarnation is "Great Weekends," which airs on the Travel Channel Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

And tonight, she's heading to Palm Springs.

We've never been to Palm Springs, but I've heard that it's so much fun. Ian's not a desert-y kind of guy (except for Vegas), so he's never been that excited to head east toward that infamous dry heat. And besides awesome pools, is there anything for the kiddo to do?

Tonight, Samantha explores the retro version of what used to be Rat Pack Central. She also dons roller skates around town and sets out on dune buggy adventures.

While CC might be a little too young to hang in a revamped Frank Sinatra eatery, she would definitely love the outdoor fun that the city promises.

There's lots of hiking, lounging by the pool, but there is also the nearby Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert, which features hands-on exhibits for kids of all ages.

Palm Springs is definitely on the long list of places to visit, and hopefully we can make the short trip this summer -- especially if I can get CC to sing "My Way."


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