Monday, July 19, 2010

Nice Ring to Bells at the Hammer Museum

CC dances to her own music on an outdoor stage at the Hammer Museum.

Bells tolled around every corner on Saturday at the Hammer Museum in Westwood, as composer Chris Kallmyer's sound installation project took harmonious shape.

CC, Ian and I each donned a small bell around our necks and added our own soundtrack to the museum's various galleries. Not only that, but CC showed off her bell-inspired moves on an outdoor stage in the museum's courtyard.

The exhibit also featured animatronic Santa bells in the coatroom, which CC loved, and an African bell ensemble later in the day.

We arrived early, so there wasn't quite a symphony of sound while we were there, but the music we made was still lovely.

While this installation was part of the Machine Project Artist-in-Residence (A.I.R.) program, the museum also offers Hammer Kids, which includes various art-, film- and music-related programming for the little ones.


Cathi said...

I love the photo of CC!!
You should frame it and hang it on the wall. It's easy to see how delighted she was.

L.A. Story said...

Thanks, Cathi! She had a lot of fun. :)


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