Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trash for Teaching Makes Recycling Fun

CC gets help re-using materials with Trash for Teaching.

A few weeks ago, my friend Yvonne from Yvonne in LA hosted a party to raise awareness about Trash for Teaching, an LA-based organization that reuses materials for kidtastic fun.

What might otherwise end up as manufacturing waste, including pen casings, plastic tubs, shiny paper and cardboard, Trash for Teaching uses as raw materials to fuel pint-sized imaginations.

Kelly Crispin, a representative from the nonprofit, came to Yvonne's house with cute paper bags filled with lots of fun items to cut, glue and piece together, and the kids loved it.

Although CC and I arrived a little late -- darn you, LA traffic -- my little artist jumped right in and started crafting.

The other kids, who ranged in age from 3-10, created everything from telescopes to bumble bees to faux electronics.

It's amazing to see what children can make with safe, nontraditional objects. The added bonus is that it's great for the environment as well.

Trash for Teaching offers lots of ways to get creative with kids. Parents can host T4T Birthday Parties, which include materials, goodie bags and supplies. You can even customize a theme, such as Eco-Super Hero or Fashion Show.

You can also buy a membership, which offers access to T4T materials that have been donated by local businesses -- stuff like giant tubes, fabric, paper, tile, yarn and wood tiles.

Definitely something to think about for that next party.

Trash for Teaching
2946 E. 11th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90023
323-262-3400 x12

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