Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coming Attraction: 'Walking With Dinosaurs -- The Arena Spectacular'

Two Brachiosaurus with narrator "Huxley" in a scene from
"Walking With Dinosaurs -- The Arena Spectacular."

Now this is a hot ticket in Los Angeles.

"Walking With Dinosaurs -- The Arena Spectacular"
is making its final stop on its three-year North American tour at Staples Center Sept. 9-12. I say "hot ticket" because someone just yesterday offered me a discount coupon for the show while she was buying her own tickets. (I was at the box office for a totally different show.)

Based on the BBC television series, the production boasts 17 huge, roaring dinosaurs, built to life size by The Creature Production Company.

According to the press release, 10 species are represented in the show, including the Brachiosaurus (pictured above), the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus. The story follows these species through 200 million years of existence, and a guide "Huxley" is there to take audiences through that evolution. Also, to provide a height reference, I'm guessing.

I remember planning the review for "Walking With Dinosaurs" when I was at Variety. The writer, Michaela Boland, covered the show when it debuted in Sydney at the Acer Arena. She wrote that the dinosaurs are "stunning, life-size and faultlessly nimble." She also mentioned that small children sitting in close rows got a little scared. Something to think about. (Read her review here.)

Of course, the review ran while I was on maternity leave with my own little Babysaurus.

Tickets are on sale now ($39-$79) at the Staples Center Box Office and (800-745-3000).

(Photo courtesy of "Walking With Dinosaurs -- The Arena Spectacular")

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