Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DanceDanceRevolution Brings Out Toe-Tapping Tykes

Kids, fanboys and fangirls alike got their groove on last week at Konami's DanceDanceRevolution launch party at the uber-hip Royal/T Cafe in Culver City.

The event, celebrating the Wii and PS3 incarnations of the foot-stomping video game, brought an eclectic crowd out to the cafe/art gallery/gift shop on Washington Boulevard. In addition to the pint-sized crowd of tykes, twentysomething gamers (and moms!) were out in force to show off their dancing skills.

That made it a little tough for the little ones to try out the games, but glimpsing gamer attire was not without its own entertainment. Yes, fellow mom Liz, who blogs at Los Angelista, and I spotted a guy wearing a faux leopard tail as part of his otherwise sloucher-chic ensemble. Too awesome!

CC did get her chance to test out DanceDanceRevolution, above, which would take a lot of practice and coordination for little ones. But I did see older kids -- meaning 5 and above -- taking to it like gamer dudes to Comic-Con.

We also sampled some tasty treats, courtesy of the Japanese-styled Royal/T. From tiny cupcakes to cones of French fries, these kids were all well fueled on snacks -- which made dancing a must-do.

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