Tuesday, August 24, 2010

National Breastfeeding Month: Join the Boob-olution!

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, the brilliant folks over at TheBump.com decided to invite moms to "whip 'em out" to send an amazing message -- basically, that nursing is awesome.

What's even more awesome (she says, selfishly) is that yours truly got to show her "tatas" -- OK, just say "tatas" -- for a fun video (above) that included such celeb moms as Ali Landry, Lisa Loeb, Ana Gasteyer, Kelly Rutherford, Constance Marie and more.

Filmed last month at The Pump Station in Santa Monica -- as well as another location in New York to accommodate the East Coasters -- we moms were encouraged to say titillating (sorry) words like "bazongas," "boobs" and "jugs" all in the name of healthy babies.

Now, behold the fruit of our labor. (You can see me about 9 seconds into the video.)

It was a really amazing day, and I loved sharing my stories about breastfeeding CC for 7 months -- how it hurt at first, how embarrassing it was to pump at the office after I went back to work, and how I once had to "whip 'em out" on an airplane. But it was so worth it. Not only did we save money on formula, but CC got lots of immunity protection, cutting down on visits to the pediatrician's office. Whew!

So high-five to The Bump.com creator and TheKnot.com Editor-in-Chief Carley Roney (who was lovely when I met her briefly at the taping), her right-hand woman, producer Susan Waits, and all of the organizers and moms who participated.

As I told Susan, I've never had so much fun whipping out the "tatas" in front of total strangers.

Oh, and feel free to share the "Boob-olution" love!


Unknown said...

What a cool video!! They did a great job but i wanted to see you more!!!

L.A. Story said...

Awww, thanks, Dariela. It was definitely a cameo appearance. :)


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