Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wilson & Ditch Give Us a Glimpse of San Francisco

Wilson & Ditch sail to Angel Island on their trip to San Francisco.

Summer has come and -- almost -- gone, and there are a few vacation spots that I wish we could have hit.

Yes, we did visit family and friends in Oklahoma, but I'm talking road trip. In California. After all, the Golden State is our home, and CC is a native. We're fans of Santa Barbara, but I'd love to visit places like Solvang, San Simeon and, of course, San Francisco.

I've been before, but I'm sure a family trip would be a totally different animal.

And speaking of animals, lucky for us, we can get a small taste of the Northern California city courtesy of "Wilson & Ditch Digging America," a Jim Henson Company-produced webisode series for featuring those kooky gopher brothers.

In their latest outing, the "Go Bros." drive their clunky van to San Francisco and take in familiar hot spots including the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. They also take a boat ride over to Angel Island, a state park located in San Francisco Bay. (That was CC's favorite part.)

As I wrote in an earlier post about the series, Wilson and Ditch (voiced by Brian Henson and Paul Rugg) are an endearingly goofy set of animated brothers who drive to various cities around the country and offer little tidbits about their journeys -- info that's accessible primarily for kids ages 6-10.

And while we might not make it to SanFran this summer, at least CC can get a small glimpse of the city -- and a few giggles to boot.

Click here to watch the San Francisco webisode of "Wilson & Ditch Digging America."

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