Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Giveaway: 'Modern Family' Season 1 DVD

I love ABC's "Modern Family." And I basically just met them.

While I've heard raves about the show from friends and co-workers, I ended up missing the entire first season because I failed to add it to my DVR lineup. Yes, that sounds totally lazy, but, truth be told, I only watch a few shows on TV, and I need them to be awesome.

So when Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment offered me the chance to review the Season 1 DVD ($49.98) of the multicultural, gay-friendly, modern look at family life, I was game.

And then I was addicted. No wonder it won the Emmy for best comedy.

If you haven't seen the show -- the second season of which just kicked off and airs Wednesdays on ABC at 9/8c -- it covers three very different family units, who also happen to be related.

The most traditional of the trio -- The Dunphy clan -- is headed up by Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen). The laid-back Phil (who shows off his "cool dad" mojo by explaining texting terms like WTF? as "Why the face?" Uh, sure, that's what it means) and the uptight Claire juggle the duties of raising three kids.

Claire's brother, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), is one-half of a loving and hilarious same-sex couple, who have just adopted a baby girl from Vietnam. His other half, Cameron (Eric Stonestreet, right, who won an Emmy for his role), becomes a stay-at-home dad who is the easy-going and super-friendly counterpart to Mitchell's uptight lawyer. (Must be in the genes.)

Claire and Mitchell's dad, Jay (Ed O'Neill) has recently married the voluptuous, outspoken and Colombian-born Gloria (Sophia Vergara) and is helping to raise her precocious son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez), who would rather wear a silk dinner jacket than a hoodie.

You can imagine the hijinks, but the show, created by Steven Levitan ("Just Shoot Me") and Christopher Lloyd ("Frasier"), really has an amazing amount of heart.

Making awkward situations accessible yet funny (Gloria finds out via Claire's son that Claire called her a gold digger; Cameron and Mitchell try to tone down their "gayness" at a Mommy and Me outing), the show touches on issues of modern family life without being preachy or dull.

The DVD extras offer lots more fun. Three words: Fizbo the Clown. Also, producers and writers on the show talk about how they worked their own crazy family situations into the story line. (Who knew real people did some of those wacky things?!)

It quickly became one of my favorite shows, and I'll be tuning in tonight. (It's now a top priority on my DVR.)

*** GIVEAWAY ***

I'm giving away 1 copy of the "Modern Family" Season 1 DVD.

Just leave a comment below telling me your favorite "Modern Family" moment. Or, if you haven't seen the show, tell me your craziest family moment.

For more chances to win, follow me on Twitter. I'm at @la_story. Or you can "Like" the L.A. Story Facebook page.

Just be sure to leave extra comments telling me you did so.

Good luck, and I'll announce the winner Friday, Oct. 8!

Photos courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.


Unknown said...

My friend RAVES about this show!

Craziest family...kind of gross, but my baby was about 6 months and he hadn't pooped for several days and we were concerned so we called the lactation nurse and she said it was normal.

Well after the 10th of nothing...he pooped. Husband was out getting dinner for us and I called excited! He pooped! Then not even 5 minutes later he pooped again. WOW! Then 5 minutes later he pooped AGAIN! Then AGAIN...THEN AGAIN...THEN AGAIN.

SIX TIMES IN ROW! Funny thing is that my husband used to take turns so I was running a tab on all the poops he had to clean up after that!

Unknown said...

I follow you on facebook!

Unknown said...

I follow you on twitter!

bernbabybern said...

I LOVE "Modern Family". My favorite moment has to be when Lily's pediatrician came over and she called her "mama". Mitchell and Cameron were so hurt and they felt she did that because the pediatrician was Asian. HUH-larious!!! If you haven't seen it, watch it on hulu. =0)

We also got a chance to meet the twin girls who play Lily on the show. They're half Filipino!! Whoop whoop!

bernbabybern said...

Following you on Twitter!

bernbabybern said...

Liked L. A. Story FB page! BAM!

Cheryl said...

I caught this show once and loved it, but my DVR was full for that time slot so I didn't get to see the rest of the season. I would so love to catch up.

The episode I saw was hilarious. The two dads of Lily Mitchell and Cameron (I believe that was the names) had taken Lily to a class and Cameron stole another baby's blocks to pose as Lily's success. The teacher than ask him if he would like a tape of it. BAM he is caught! LOL. Then two other dads walk in a Mitchell is mad because Cameron made Mitchell sit out, but as they are leaving it is parents dance and Mitchell goes to do the pony dance. Hilarious stuff.


Cheryl said...

I follow you on Twitter @HeartnSoulmom

Cheryl said...

I am your fan on Facebook

Pokie said...

I haven't seen it but really want to!!!!! I've heard it is so funny so I need to start from the beginning.

My craziest moment had to have been when I was babysitting my Godson. He was barely walking and escaped from me after a bath. He was running around in his birthday suit. I finally wrangled him up and got him dressed.

Later that night when my cousin got home she asked if the dogs had been in. I told her no. She thought that was odd as there was a puddle of pee right next to the washing machine. Apparently Mr. C escaped from me and took care of business in the other room. Pretty funny. Now that he's 11, I love telling him that story.

southerngirl said...

I *adore* this show so much - it's hilarious but also realistic - it can make you laugh and cry in the same episode. I think my favorite was where they have the birthday party in the yard, i think it was for Luke's birthday and they have a moon bounce outside and Claire's trying to show everyone how to make lanyards (she thinks it's cool versus Phil and the moon bounce) and then Phil shoots the moonbounce with a crossbow and Manny's new crush is stuck inside it. Amazing. (THis may also be the same episode where we find out about Cameron's alter clown ego Fizbo, but I'm blanking. HYSTERICAL.)

My second favorite has to be the one where we find out that Mitchell and Claire used to pairs ice skate together!

L.A. Story said...

I love all of these stories! Now I want to re-watch the Season 1 DVD. :)

Anonymous said...

Hands down, favorite moment:

"Look at that, two things flaming at once."

I rewound and watched it several times. Jesse Tyler Ferguson has fabulous comedic timing.

Brian said...

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Anonymous said...

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