Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Sid the Science Kid' Tests Capacity of California Science Center

On Sunday, CC spent the day exploring, discovering, predicting and observing at the California Science Center's "Sid the Science Kid Day."

Yes, she and about a million other children.

I knew the place would be crowded because it was a weekend and a special day at that, but they were literally holding people back at the front door because the spacious building in Exposition Park was overflowing with little scientists.

The hands-on activities set up in the free Ecosystems part of the museum was a huge draw for curious tykes, as they scrunched sand and water between their fingers in the simulated stream (left), eyeballed sea creatures up close and used markers and crayons to record what they observed -- all in little "Sid the Science Kid" journals.

While we explored the heat of the desert ecosystem and the chilly polar installation (which sported an awesome wall of ice), it was the underwater tank filled with all sorts of fish, sea life and a lone scuba diver that really captivated CC.

Before we headed back home, we also got the chance to grab a gift bag and see "Sid the Science Kid" live. In a packed room with tons of adoring little fans, Sid grabbed a magnifying glass and kicked up his big preschooler heels to his theme song and other fun tunes.

The kids went wild, and judging from that reaction, I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Sid took his show on the road.

Before that happens, though, be sure to check out the new season of the PBS Kids series, which kicks off October 4 and showcases our very own California Science Center.

Note: Media parking pass provided.


Pokie said...

Yesterday I was reading a magazine and some rapper talked about something being so cool that it was "cooler than a polar bears toenail." I think that works for this article. I loved it and keep trying to work it into my class.

L.A. Story said...

Ha! Totally works. :)


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