Friday, October 15, 2010

'The Possibility Shop' Offers Crafty Tips for Moms

Last month, I had the awesome opportunity to head over to The Jim Henson Studios on La Brea to meet a fantastic and crafty mom, who has recently launched the second season of her Disney Online Web series, "The Possibility Shop with Courtney Watkins."

A few other moms and I watched a taping of Watkins' 3-minute online show, which offered creative yet easy ways to make fun keepsakes for the little ones. That day, Watkins was showing viewers how to make a picture frame out of a cereal box. Now that, I can do!

The fairy-tale-like set -- a crafting table surrounded by bookshelves bursting with colorful knick-knacks and supplies to kick-start Mom's imagination -- complements Watkins' energetic and engaging personality.

A teacher, artist, author and mom herself, Watkins adds excitement to simple activities that sometimes get short shrift in our busy households.

Highlighting holidays and themes such as Halloween (check out the above video), Father's Day and Winter Wonderland, the 20 webisodes planned for the second season, running through August 2011, present fun ideas in manageable 3-minute bites.

"Whether it's designing and building a haunted house, offering instructions for a make-your-own board game, jump-starting a conversation or finding ways to carry the spirit of the holidays throughout the entire year," said Watkins in a statement, "season two of 'The Possibility Shop' is going to energize parents and kids alike to pursue the infinite possibilities for everyday creative adventures."

Now, where's that empty cereal box?!


Unknown said...

OMG! I met her looooong time ago!
I used to work at a toy company designing toy packaging and somehow we were to design her toy line. It never went through, maybe nobody bought the idea but we did make the designs. She has a book that I got at that moment when I had no kids! I think it's time to open that book and read it again! I love her ideas. Like you say they are simple and easy!!

Had no idea she already has a show, I'm so happy for her!!

L.A. Story said...

That's so funny! What a small world. :) She was great -- very enthusiastic and creative.


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