Friday, November 26, 2010

Metromint Mother-Daughter Taste Test: chocolatemint vs. goodberrymint

One of the awesome things about Blogger Prom this year and last was the opportunity to check out new, tasty treats. From yummy tacos to locally brewed micro beer to minty-fresh bottled water, there were so many delicious items on the bloggerific menu.

So when Metromint water, which offered complimentary H2O at the festivities, asked if I'd like to review their latest flavor, goodberrymint, I said I would -- that is, I would hold a taste test with CC to choose between my favorite Metromint flavor (chocolatemint) and goodberry.

If you haven't tried Metromint water, it's a combination of purified water with a twist of 100% real mint. The mint, grown pesticide-free in Washington State's Yakima Valley, actually creates the sensation of cooler water. It also freshens breath and can soothe your stomach, as added bonuses. Best of all, no sugar or sweeteners.

And while chocolatemint adds cocoa essence to the mix, goodberrymint adds the essence of raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, acai and blackberry. But as much as I love berries, I'm still a sucker for chocolate. (Yes, even in water form.)

So, enter the taste test.

After a Thanksgiving bounty, I poured a sample of chocolatemint and goodberrymint into two plastic kiddie cups and asked CC to try them both. I did the same thing myself.

After sipping on each, I still chose chocolatemint, while CC picked goodberry. A 50-50 split. Not bad.

One advantage for goodberrymint? The San Francisco-based Metromint has instituted "Project Goodberry," in which it donates 10% of profits from the sale of goodberrymint to fund local organizations, including the San Francisco Food Bank.

Very good, indeed!

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