Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Narnia' Stars Visit Los Angeles + Giveaway

Will Poulter ("The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"), me, CC and Santa
at the Beverly Center Ice Palace

Congrats to Pokie and Vita, who won the autographed "Narnia" posters. Please email me at losangelesstory@gmail.com with your address, and I'll mail them right away. Thanks again to all who participated!

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,"
the third installment in the latest "Narnia" franchise, is hitting theaters on Friday, Dec. 10, and there's been lots of snowy hype in anticipation of its arrival.

Last month, we visited the festive (and super-crowded!) ice palace, on display at the Beverly Center until Dec. 24, where we bumped into Santa Claus and a couple of the movie's stars, Georgie Henley (who plays Lucy) and Will Poulter (Eustace).

I also had the opportunity to chat with Henley and Poulter (pictured right, and yes, I should have worn heels) at a small round-table discussion at the Sofitel Hotel, across from the Beverly Center, while the pair were making the rounds in L.A.

Both kids were charming and very excited about their upcoming film -- one that sports a $2.7 million ship, the titular Dawn Treader, that will never sail a single sea. Yes, the ironies of Hollywood.

This entry in the "Narnia" storyline has Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, alongside their cousin Eustace, falling through a painting and landing on board the Dawn Treader. According to press notes, "they overcome their greatest temptations and shortcomings, as they travel to mysterious islands and a pool that turns anything it touches into gold." They will also reunite with their friend, the "Great Lion" Aslan, as the fate of Narnia rests with them.

Asked if their teenage lives parallel the movie's emotional adventures in any way, the 15-year-old Henley said, "In 'The Dawn Treader,' Lucy goes through tons of insecurities when she has to deal with jealousy and her insecurities in the way she looks as well as dealing with the way people treated her."

"I believe this is something that all teenage girls encounter at some point," Henley continued. "I know it's something I've encountered already, and it's just a natural experience, a rite of passage."

The 17-year-old Poulter agreed, saying it's a "cool message" to send to other young girls.

"Teenage girls in the audience see a strong girl," he said, "and that's a nice thing for them to be able to relate to in Lucy's character."

In the film, the kids all face temptations, something both Henley (who began the franchise with the 2005 "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe") and Poulter say is great for kids to watch, so they can see that others can overcome those obstacles.

"I think that's what's really great about the film," Henley said, "and I believe that makes it a powerful tool for teenagers."

*** GIVEAWAY ***

I'm giving away 2 posters of "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" autographed by Georgie Henley and Will Poulter.

Just leave a comment below, with your email address, telling me what you've enjoyed about the "Narnia" movies. If you see "Dawn Treader" on or after the 10th, feel free to comment on that movie.

For more chances to win, follow me on Twitter. I'm at @la_story. Or you can "Like" the L.A. Story Facebook page.

Just be sure to leave extra comments telling me you did so.

Good luck, and I'll announce the 2 winners on this post (not a separate one) Tuesday, Dec. 14!


Pokie said...

Sorry to say I have not seen the Narnia movie but I did read the books and I loved how they let your imagination run free. I know some kids that would LOVE an autographed picture!

limo london said...

i had seen Narnia's movie.. and its perfectly fine..like it.

Vita said...

My little sister loves Narnia, she's read the books and watched the DVD so much that my 4 year old nephew would go into her wardrode hoping narnia existed lol

Vita said...

I also follow you on twitter, for a while now.

L.A. Story said...

Awesome! Stay tuned ...


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