Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Tron: Legacy' Lights Up the El Capitan

Last week, CC and I had the chance to check out Disney's new "Tron: Legacy" at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

Talk about a spectacle.

The amped-up (but still PG-rated) 3D sequel to the 1982 original "Tron," starring Jeff Bridges, was a visual stunner, and the laser light show that preceded the pic was pretty amazing itself.

The blue and green lights danced around the theater, bouncing to the techno beats of Daft Punk -- the French duo who also created the movie's soundtrack. CC was wowed, and it was fun to watch her little eyes dart around the futuristic-looking space in awe.

While I missed the original film, about hacker Kevin Flynn (Bridges) who's forced inside a computer world he created, the sequel (written by "Lost" writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz) touched on familiar themes of a son (Garrett Hedlund) looking for his long-lost father (Bridges again), who has been pulled back into that same digital world.

CC asked plenty of questions (quietly) during the showing -- a 10 a.m. screening that had lots of kiddos and parents -- about who was whom and why they were doing what they were doing. Some elements were lost on her (the subtleties of mistaken allies, as well as the whole "creating programs" aspect), but she was particularly fond of the femme character Quorra (Olivia Wilde, pictured above), an endearing yet kick-ass confidante of Kevin Flynn.

"I liked all the woman's parts," she said after the movie was over. "Quorra!"

At 127 minutes, the film is admittedly long for a little one, and I wasn't completely wowed by the script (even though it was written by Losties). But the visuals of the 3D movie, plus the lively action and rockin' soundtrack, were lots of fun -- for both parents and kids.

"Tron: Legacy" is playing at the El Capitan through Jan. 20.

Note: VIP press tickets provided.


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