Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'The Garfield Show: All You Need Is Love (and Pasta)' DVD Review

It's a little more than a month before Valentine's Day, and that laughably lazy cat Garfield wants to show a little love. Love for his signature lasagna, sure, but also love for more unusual "friends" -- friends like birds and dogs, the typical sworn enemies of the feline persuasion.

In the 72-minute DVD "The Garfield Show: All You Need Is Love (and Pasta)" (SRP: $14.93), which was just released today by Vivendi Entertainment, Garfield explores all types of loving -- and not-so-loving -- situations, all to the amusement of CC, who got a kick out of the short, kid-friendly episodes.

Her favorite segment, in fact, was called "Mother Garfield," in which the orange tabby must care for a trio of orphaned baby birds after their mother is caught in a neighbor's garage. Saving them from a wandering alley cat is just the beginning of Garfield's devotion to what could be considered by most other cats, well, lunch.

Garfield must also contend with the Pooky-pilfering chihuahua from next door, in "Desperately Seeking Pooky," when he realizes that the pint-sized dog has plucked his beloved teddy bear from the clothesline. It's when Garfield notices that the dog just needs a little love himself -- or at least friendship -- that Garfield reevaluates the pesky pup.

In addition to the six episodes, the review copy I received also featured shorts, which were tiny animated tidbits meant, perhaps, as an appetizer, but not particularly integral to the DVD.

The episodes themselves, at a manageable 10 or so minutes each, were enough to make a filling and satisfying main course.


Miranda said...

I love me some Garfield! :)

L.A. Story said...

Ha! You should definitely check out this DVD then. :)


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