Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Is Where the Gnome Is

CC paints her own gnome.

It's surprisingly hard to find a garden gnome. Who knew?

Last Christmas, CC and I were scouring the stores -- Target, CVS, The Home Depot -- in search of those funny-looking creatures that add a sense of ironic panache to your average garden.

I think it was that the animated kids' movie "Gnomeo & Juliet" was on its way to theaters that made our hunt even more intense. But, unfortunately, we were out of luck and had to settle for a gnome-less Christmas.

Well, lo and behold, as I was walking through Target this past weekend, what did I see? That's right, Mr. Gnomeo himself was waiting in a little gardening area that also sported lots of green goodies for the kiddos. Yay Target!

Not only that, but it was a Paint Your Own Garden Gnome (Circo; $5.99). This could work as an art project as well.

CC was so excited when I surprised her with it. The gnome is super small -- manageable enough to paint, and not a lot of mess -- and the painting materials are included and easy to use.

CC decided to call him Juliet -- and why not? (There weren't any girl gnomes on the shelves that I could see.)

Now all we need are plants.

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