Friday, March 4, 2011

My 'Angry Birds' Woes Can Be Found on

Please check out my post "Is Angry Birds Making My Child Too ... Angry?" on

Ever since I downloaded that addictive iPhone app and let CC have a go at it, well, things have gotten a little out of control. Have you had to deal with the same thing? Please feel free to leave comments!

This week has been really busy -- I feel like I've been chained to my computer. But it's been great contributing my parenting pearls-slash-worries to various online outlets.

If you haven't checked out Technorati's content, please do. The outlet's new Women's Channel, where my Angry Birds post now resides, is led by LA Moms Blog co-founder Jill Asher. Stay tuned for my past LA Moms Blog posts to find a new home over at Technorati.

Stay tuned as well for upcoming weekend adventures with the kiddo. More on that next week!

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