Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Deal: Half-Off Personalized Labels & More at Cherry Hill Designs

$10 for $20 to Spend at Cherry Hill Designs

Kid stuff -- sippy cups, pacifiers and the like -- is entirely too easy to misplace. If you've seen one pink polka-dotted binky, you've seen them all, especially if it's lost in a sea of them at day care, preschool, or a church nursery.

Cherry Hill Designs has the solution with tiny, dishwasher-safe pacifier labels! This online-only retailer of cute, brightly colored, personalized stickers makes waterproof labels for bottles, cups, pool toys, and more, as well as iron-on clothing labels that can also be used for cloth diapers and quilts.

Cherry Hill uses its funky prints and fonts for a variety of other personalized merch, including melamine plates and bowls, bag and gift tags, and cellphone covers. Double your spending cash with this deal and never lose a binky again!

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