Monday, April 4, 2011

'Hop' Review

CC has been asking about the Easter Bunny for weeks now -- surprisingly, even before the first pastel-colored candy egg hit store shelves -- and when I told her we were going to catch an early screening of the new animated "chick" flick "Hop" last week, her eyes couldn't have gotten any bigger.

Not only was she excited to see the little bunny that's been dominating billboards around town, she was also excited to see the film's two fuzzy chicks, Carlos and Phil (voiced by the always versatile and hilarious Hank Azaria).

"Why does he look so grumpy?" she asked as we passed oversized signs with a scowling Carlos.

Well, we got our answer on Thursday night.

"Hop" is the story of a young bunny named E.B. (voiced brilliantly by Russell Brand) who lives on Easter Island (natch) and would rather play drums than inherit his father's post as the official Easter Bunny. So instead of sticking around, he runs away to Hollywood, where he finds a kindred but skeptical spirit in Fred (the endearing and handsome James Marsden, right, who also happens to be a fellow Okie).

And Carlos? Why exactly is he so grumpy, as CC so rightly asked. Well, let's just say a certain chick would like to don bunny ears himself and make his own special deliveries.

The film, a mix of CGI and live action, is adorable and appealing to both kids and adults -- always a plus. I mean, where is the first place E.B. goes once he arrives in Hollywood? Think Hugh Hefner and another kind of bunny. (Don't worry, parents. He doesn't get far.)

And Brand's take on E.B. is confident and clever -- mixing the right dose of attitude with vulnerability and heart.

The army of little chicks was also fun. Coming from the screenwriters of "Despicable Me," Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, you might be inclined to think they're sweet on yellow minions of one kind or another.

CC was a fan and has been talking about the movie ever since. In fact, the next day she asked when we were going to see "Hop" again. Definitely a good sign.

(Photo Credit: Universal/Illumination Entertainment; media tickets provided)

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