Monday, May 9, 2011

'Dinosaur Train' Pulls into L.A. Live Steamers Railroad Museum

CC cozies up to Buddy from "Dinosaur Train," on PBS SoCal.

It was a sunny afternoon filled with trains, pteranodons and T-Rexes -- well, one cute orange one in particular -- as The Jim Henson Company show "Dinosaur Train" pulled into Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum for National Train Day.

Kids of all ages hopped on board miniature locomotives that circled a scenic track, lined with ghost towns, a water mill, graveyards and old-fashioned BBQ stands. CC was all about the little train, which was just her size, and picked a seat right up front.

CC and I ride the rails.

In addition to train rides and dino snacks, the kiddos also could have their photo taken with an adorable Buddy the T-Rex (pleasantly small -- a great idea considering some children can be scared of costumed characters, particularly ones that resemble, well, a terrifying dinosaur).

We also got to hear the creator of the show, Craig Bartlett, croon the "Dinosaur Train" theme song, along with his band, as girls, boys and little Buddy danced in front of the stage. (I had no idea he was so multi-talented!)

"Dinosaur Train" creator Craig Bartlett, left, entertains the pint-sized crowd.

This was such a genius idea to pair the kids' show with a family-friendly Los Angeles landmark -- on a holiday celebrating the iron horses, no less. Engineer hats off to "Dinosaur Train," The Jim Henson Company and PBS SoCal!


Unknown said...

I wish we would have met! We had a great time and it was a great day. My toddler kept wanting to go on the train over and over and over again!

L.A. Story said...

Me too! I'm glad you all had a great time. Hope to catch you at another event. :)


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