Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer's Almost Here: That Must Mean It's Time for a Dodgers Game!

While today is the unofficial start of summer (Happy Memorial Day!), CC and I got a head start yesterday by watching the Los Angeles Dodgers trounce the Florida Marlins during a breezy, sunny afternoon at Dodger Stadium.

Seated on field level, we had a great view of the action, as pitcher Clayton Kershaw allowed for only a single hit from the Marlin team and as the Dodger hits just kept on coming -- in a good way, with the final score being 8-0.

It's been just over a year since we last visited our hometown baseball team, and I had forgotten just how fun and relaxing an afternoon at the ballpark can be. We snacked on a colorful snow cone and enjoyed clapping along with chants like, "Let's Go, Dodgers!" CC was particularly enthusiastic at times when even the crowd was relatively silent.

My panoramic pic, taken with the Photosynth app.

I have to admit that recent events involving assault victim Bryan Stow have given me some pause about taking CC out to the ballgame, but I was instantly reassured when I saw the sheer number of police officers out in force in the parking lot and in the stadium. And this was in the afternoon!

In fact, CC noticed as well. "Why are there so many policemen and police girls here, Mommy?"

"To keep us safe, Sweetheart," I answered.

We definitely felt safe and can't wait to go back again. Lucky for families, there are tons of fun, kid-friendly events happening at Dodger Stadium. Most of them are planned for June, when the Dodgers will be playing at home from June 13-26.

Here is a selection of current and upcoming specials, courtesy of the L.A. Dodgers:

* $5 Kids' Tickets -- With the purchase of every full-priced adult ticket on the Field or Loge level, you can buy two $5 kids' tickets in the same section.

* Kids' Discount -- Kids ages 4-12 can get a $20 LFP ticket for $10 or a $15 Top Deck ticket for $7.

* Friday Night Fireworks -- In addition to Independence Day fireworks on July 4, the Dodgers will light up the sky after games on June 17, 24, July 8, 22, 29, August 12, 26, and Sept. 16. (This event came highly recommended from the woman seated behind us at the game yesterday.)

* Giveaways Just for Kids -- The Dodgers will give away backpacks on August 14 and lunchboxes on August 28.

* Viva Los Dodgers -- Families can enjoy a pre-game concert, games and prizes at games on June 19, 26, July 10, 24, 31, August 14 and 28.

* Kids Run the Bases -- After every Sunday game, kids are invited to run around the bases. (Kids and their families will have to line up early, because the line is super loooong if you wait until after the game is over.)

* Half-Price Food & Drink Days -- Families can get a hefty discount on treats on June 15, 22, August 10 and 31.

For more Dodger specials, visit

(Note: Media tickets provided)


Unknown said...

I love Dodger Stadium....Last year for Father's Day I took my hubby and Father In Law to a Dodger Stadium Tour and headed afterwards to the field to play catch on the field!

TIP - Make sure you wear a hat, sunscreen, and drink lots of water!

garvis said...

Just an FYI, other blogs are accusing you of being a McCourt shill with your cheerful accounting of your day. Please set the record straight, were you compensated in any way for your day? Free tickets, merchandise, whatever?

Thanks for the positive post. While I do not agree with the McCourt's lifestyle and will not support their antics, I'm glad to see another generation of Dodger fans coming along.

Harpo in SoCal said...

Which blogs, Golf?

I follow over a dozen Dodgers- and baseball-in-general blogs, and have not run across any such accusation about Ms. Clark.
P.S. I have had numerous cheeful experiences at Dodger Stadium, no matter who owned the team at the time. It is possible to do so, if you focus on the game, rather than the "backstories."

L.A. Story said...

Thanks, Harpo, for the thoughtful comments.

I was just about to ask Golf the same question: Which blogs?

I write about kid-friendly events and happenings around LA, including Dodger games (no matter who owns them), and my first concern is my daughter's safety. In fact, I touched on that in my post. I was concerned about security, and I was happy to see so many uniformed officers at the game and in the parking lot. My daughter even noticed them without prompting -- that's how heavy their presence was.

But the point is, we had a fantastic day. It was gorgeous, the game was fun, and it's something I hope she remembers forever.

craig hill said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
L.A. Story said...

Mr. Hill,

Your vitriolic, ad hominem attacks are not acceptable, and they will be erased.

This is a family-friendly blog. Not the dugout. Not the locker room. And certainly not your house.

I am all for intelligent, thoughtful discourse, but when it devolves into nasty, knee-jerk insults, that's where I draw the line.

Gareth said...

It is refreshing to get a positive spin on attending a Dodger game. I saw a blog yesterday refer to your story and link it to McCourt, cant find it today though. It was linked in comments on an ESPN story as well. I am glad that youngens such as your daughter can get out to games and parents feel safe. I am concerned that it takes several hundred uniformed officers to enforce this though. I would hesitate to send my child to a school that needed metal detectors and police officers to prevent school violence. It seems like such dark times for Dodgerland when we have a hard time excepting a positive story such as the one you wrote...SAD

Gareth said...

I am curious about golf93551's question about compensation. "Were you compensated in any way for your day? Free tickets, merchandise, whatever?"

L.A. Story said...

Hi Gareth,

Thanks for your comment. You're right. It's really sad that so many uniformed officers have to make their presence known at a place that should be safe and fun for families -- or for anyone, for that matter.

As for your (and golf93551's) question about compensation, as I noted in the post, I received press tickets, but I paid for parking and refreshments.

That said, the Dodgers did not tell me to write a positive post in exchange. My sentiments were solely my own. And my big concern was safety, which I addressed. I didn't sugar-coat that. But I also had a great day with my daughter, and she had fun, too.

The McCourt saga is for others to debate. Am I disappointed? Yes. It's disheartening that what's happening at the top is trickling down to average (non-insider) fans and hurting a team and local morale.

My focus, though, on this blog, is to write about what L.A. has to offer for families. And the Dodgers are included in that. I'm happy that they've addressed the safety issue. What happens next regarding McCourt ... well, only time will tell.

Gareth said...

Thanks for answering the question, I don't believe that your blog was biased or influenced (but had to ask) and it was enjoyable to read a positive post. I write a blog for the Dodgers and its hard for me to write positive posts. My favorite memories as a child were at Dodger Stadium and I until new ownership takes place I look forward to finding other things to do with my son in LA and look forward to getting ideas from your blog.

L.A. Story said...

Thanks, Gareth. I appreciate it. What's your blog, btw?

George said...

I'm the Hubby in Ruth's post. Your story is great. The Dodgers draw over 3million fans a year, and the number of fans who really don’t have a good experience pales in comparison to those that do. The recent beating of Bryan Stow should never have happened, but could have happened anywhere and at any stadium. I was just at my second game last night, and although the increased security takes a bit getting used to, it was not at all a problem and once I remember why I'm there... a baseball game, it all fades to the side actually adds to the enjoyment of the game.
We need more stories like this, to remind Angelenos and Dodger fans what a fun experience a game can be. Most of these people pointing their fingers at the McCourts should take a look at themselves before they start judging. The McCourts are no different than most, their personal lives are just public. In a way I actually support the McCourts, as much as it hurts me to see the fall of the franchise, I’d venture a guess that nearly every other team owner does or has done the same with their team. if it wasn’t for their divorce we wouldn’t have such in depth knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes. Add in the economic hardship everyone has felt and they are in the same boat as ever other American just trying to make sense of their finances. The McCourts just happen to own a historic and beloved baseball team.

L.A. Story said...

Thanks so much, George. Great points all around.

And thanks to Ruth, too, for great baseball outing tips!

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Unknown said...

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