Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paul Frank Kicks Off World Tour in WeHo

Paul Frank kicked off its monkey-tastic Academy of Awesome Tour 2011 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood on June 25, and CC and I were there to help celebrate.

Traveling around the country in a new custom Winnebago (see above), Julius and the crew are hitting other cities, such as New Orleans, Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York. In addition to the decked-out RV, they're also bringing ping-pong tables, bouncy obstacle courses, a Battle of the Bands contest and a Puppy Prom.

CC had fun climbing up the giant inflatable slide with one of her friends, checking out built-in iPads in the Winnebago and getting a temporary tattoo of Julius the Monkey himself. (It was funny -- she kept asking me the difference between temporary and permanent, making sure the tattoo would eventually come off. It did.)

She also indulged in a fun ice-cream cookie sandwich from local food truck King Kone. Let's just say, sharing was a bit difficult.

For more info about the Academy of Awesome Tour, click here.

Here are some pics from the event. (Clockwise from top left: CC checking out the PF Winnebago; CC and a friend climbing the giant inflatable ladder to get to the giant inflatable slide; yummy ice cream cookie sandwich; adorable 3-month-old contestant in the Puppy Prom contest.)

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