Friday, July 15, 2011

'Shrek the Musical' Takes Over Hollywood

Someone was very excited to see "Shrek the Musical" on Tuesday!

We ventured over to the Pantages Theatre to catch opening night of the family-friendly show, and CC couldn't wait to get inside.

"Shrek" was lots of fun -- lively music, silly characters (CC loved Gingy, the sassy gingerbread man), and clever visual jokes (read: everything involving the diminutive Lord Farquaad).

(l to r) David F.M. Vaughn (as Lord Farquaad), Gingy, Guard. (Photo credit: (c) 2010 DreamWorks Theatricals/Joan Marcus)

Sitting in "The Social Swamp," aka the mezzanine, I was able to tweet and Facebook -- that is, until CC told me to put my phone away. (Telling her that we were in the "social swamp" didn't cut it, either.)

While we both enjoyed the show -- it's great for families! -- I would recommend showing your child the movie first, if he or she hasn't already seen it. For some reason, I took it for granted that CC already knew the story. (She didn't.) So there were lots of questions in the first act.

One more little hint: Stick around after the curtain call. You won't be sorry.

"Shrek the Musical"
July 12-31
Pantages Theatre
6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tickets: $25-$90


Unknown said...

I want to see this, but son is not into Shrek yet.

I do like when my son whispers to me at plays "Why!" and "What Happened".

L.A. Story said...

I know! I'm always glad when they're interested.


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