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Jessica Alba Talks 'Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D' + Giveaway

Jessica Alba in "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D"
(Photo credit: Rico Torres/Dimension Films)

"Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D" will be hitting theaters a week from today, and I had the chance to join a conference call and chat with star Jessica Alba, who plays a retired spy and busy mom.

When she's not saving the world from the likes of Time Keeper, aka Jeremy Piven, she's balancing life with husband Cash Warren, 3-year-old daughter Honor and a new baby on the way.

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In "Spy Kids" you balance a lot of things as the (spy!) mom of 2 stepkids and a baby. What are some of your tricks for balancing things in real life?
Jessica Alba: I don't work as much as I used to, so that definitely helps for me as far as prioritizing my time. And on the weekends, my husband and I have made an agreement that when we're with our daughter, and when she's not sleeping, of course, it's just pure family time, so no BlackBerrys, no emails, no texting. We're really trying to give her as much attention as humanly possible.

In the movie, you play a strong mom. Who in your life has inspired you as a mom role model?
JA: My mother and my grandmother were my examples growing up. They always made us kids feel like we were a priority and No. 1 no matter if they were working or busy. My mom, especially in my life before I started acting, she would have three jobs sometimes at a time, but always managed to make my brother and I feel like we were No. 1 in her life and that she was doing everything for us.

I think whether you have a job where you can stay at home or if you have a job where you can't, and you have to be away and travel a lot, just take time to check in with your kids and remind them that they're a priority.

Alexa Vega, Jessica Alba and Daryl Sabara in "Spy Kids 4." (Photo courtesy Dimension Films)

How did it feel to have made your first 4D film, and what can we expect to experience from it?
JA: *Laughs* We didn't really know it was going to be 4D when we were shooting it, so that sort of came after the fact. I think it's a great, really fun element to add to the film for kids. It's a kids' movie, and we all know that our kids are used to interacting with their entertainment, especially with iPhones and iPads and things like that. So this is for that next-generation kid that's used to that interaction. And they can participate in the film in a way that you never could before.

Eight times during the film there's a number that pops up, and they have a scratch-and-sniff card, and the kids can scratch and smell what we're smelling in the movie and feel even more a part of the experience.

What do you like to do for fun as a family?
JA: We're pretty boring. We don't go on adventures like saving the world or anything. We like to go swimming, go to the park. We'll do whatever my daughter wants to do. So if she's like, 'Let's play dress-up,' we'll play dress-up.

What was your favorite scene to film in the movie?
JA: I liked the scenes where I was going into labor because in the film I play a spy and I'm hiding it from my husband. I'm on my last mission, and I go into labor, and I think that was the funnest. I got to do a little bit of action, which I haven't done since I did "Dark Angel," and I miss doing action. But then there was also a lot of comedy in it because I was obviously supposed to have contractions during the sequence, and that was just funny and fun to play.

How are you feeling with your pregnancy now, and how is it different from your first pregnancy?
JA: I have this fierce, insatiable craving for watermelon, which I didn't really have with my first. I'm moving around a lot more, but I feel like everything sort of ... like my belly popped much quicker, and I feel pains differently. I don't remember feeling these pains before. And my doctor just said that your body has done this before, so it's doing everything in rapid motion, where it slowly took 9 1/2 or 10 months for it to happen with the first, with the second, it's sort of like, 'Oh, yeah, I've done this.'

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