Monday, September 26, 2011

'The Lion King' in 3D Has My Little Cub Roaring

CC and I booked it over to the El Capitan on Friday after preschool to catch "The Lion King" on the big screen in 3D.

If you have the chance, go and remind yourself just how awesome this Disney animated movie is.

While traffic caused us to be about 15 minutes late (eek, I know), CC still happily wore her pint-sized 3D glasses and sang along to "Hakuna Matata." We came in during the song "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" after battling San Gennaro festival congestion and a Hollywood Boulevard closing, but CC didn't mind. She was just happy to see the little lions in the theater.

She's seen the movie on DVD once before, but it's such a different experience on the big screen. And it was great being in an audience of serious "Lion King" fans. Moms and dads were singing along with their children, and the kids were in great spirits -- gasping and ooh'ing and aahh'ing.

One thing I was worried about was The Wildebeest Scene -- you know the one. Would CC be too scared? Or too sad? Would she understand?

Well, once it happened, and as "Lion King" patriarch Mufasa was lying on the parched land, she asked out loud, "What happened to the daddy? Is he died?"

Ugh. Serious heartache. But after I explained it to her -- very simply, of course -- she was OK. Actually, it was kind of matter-of-fact for her.

She kept watching, happily, and wearing those little glasses and smiling.

"The Lion King" is playing at the El Capitan through Oct. 6, as well as in other theaters.

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