Friday, September 23, 2011

Splashy-Splashing with Disney's Princess Ariel Water Toys

CC plays with Ariel and her sisters.

It's been all about bath time, sink time and pool time this summer with Disney's Princess Ariel water toys. And autumn looks to be no different.

Mattel sent over some girl-friendly toys for review, and CC has been taking them wherever there's even a drop of water.

The larger Princess Swimming Ariel ($17.99; pictured above, lounging on the sink's counter) is a great addition to bath time. Wind up her little seashell and she swims around the tub.

 While that's fun, CC sometimes treats her more like a regular doll. In fact, just last night CC told me to come and look at her sleeping baby. Walking into her dimmed bedroom, I found Princess Swimming Ariel nowhere near water and tucked into a bed of newspapers.

"Shhh," CC said. "She's sleeping."

The smaller trio of Ariel and her sisters, Alana and Arista (who knew?!), is really the go-to bath toy ($10.99). CC creates little stories with them and always asks me which one I like best.

An added bonus -- and great for little scientists -- is that their swim tops change in water. It has to be cold water, and CC has been all over that, dumping trays of ice into the sink and watching them change to deeper shades of purple, pink and blue.

Even though summer has had its last sunset, these toys will still be great for other splashy venues.

[Note: While Mattel sent the toys for review, the views stated in this blog are solely my own.]

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