Thursday, September 15, 2011

Venice Canals and Ducks

Hungry ducks follow CC along a Venice canal.

August and September have proven to be two of the busiest months of 2011. We've had friends and family visit from out of town, we've gone out of town, and don't forget about school starting again -- for CC and me. But it's also given us a chance to check out more of what Los Angeles has to offer.

When our friends Alisa and Glenn visited from New York, we took them to the Venice canals, just off the beaten path of Washington Boulevard near the ocean. CC loved it.

Too bad we didn't bring any bread with us. Hyper-attentive ducks were trailing us as we strolled along the sidewalk. It's such a nice walk, checking out the adorable houses and taking pictures on small bridges that cross the waterway.

It's a peaceful visit that doesn't cost a dime.

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