Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

1. CC asked for this specifically. This J. Crew poplin party dress is adorable and on sale. It's now $44.99, down from $69.50.

2. Great for boys and girls, these soft toys from Ikea also help support quality education for kids all over the globe. For every soft-toy purchase ($9.99-$14.99), Ikea will donate $1 to UNICEF or Save the Children to support children in need.

3. This activity book from Kimmel Kids ($22) is wonderful for little imaginations -- and moments during the holiday break when kids (and parents!) are searching for fun things to do. It's a coloring book, a book of punch-out shapes and offers 12 templates for creative exploration.

4. Ian has been big on showing CC old-school TV shows and cartoons. I would love to show CC the episode from "I Love Lucy," when she and Ethel take jobs as candy wrappers and end up stuffing their cheeks with chocolates. "The Best of 'I Love Lucy'" DVD has that episode, along with 13 others, and is on sale for $9.99 at Target.

5. Your son asked you for a guitar this Christmas? This T-shirt from ThinkGeek sports a working electronic guitar on its front. So cool! Pick one up at Old Navy for $24.94.

Merry Christmas!


Sara said...

Alexa is getting something from J. Crew, too. :-)

L.A. Story said...

Love J. Crew! :)


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