Monday, January 9, 2012

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons at Japanese American National Museum

CC decorates her dragon streamer at the Oshogatsu Family Festival.
The Year of the Dragon officially kicks off on Jan. 23, but yesterday CC spent the afternoon at the Japanese American National Museum making a couple dragons of her own.

The museum in Little Tokyo was packed with families, as everyone joined in the fun celebrating the Oshogatsu Family Festival -- which celebrates the Japanese New Year (every Jan. 1).

While there was lots for kiddos to do, including origami, noodle-making and dragon-building, CC gravitated toward making dragon streamers and dragon hats. And, oh yeah, the dragon bounce house!

CC with her streamer and dragon hat -- all in various shades of pink!
We also caught a "performance" from candy artists, who turned liquid sweets into dragon and panda creations. That was pretty amazing, although I think CC was tempted to just grab the panda and start eating.

CC watches as a candy artist makes a sweet panda.
Yesterday -- a breezy SoCal Sunday in early January -- was gorgeous. The sun was out, the cool air was refreshing, and the afternoon was perfect for exploring L.A. with the kiddo.

P.S. Stay tuned for the Golden Dragon Festival and Parade in Chinatown Jan. 28-29!

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