Monday, January 2, 2012

High-Steppin' at the Santa Monica Pier's Pacific Park

The Euro Bungee at Pacific Park
If you've visited the Santa Monica Pier, you might have noticed this convoluted-looking contraption at Pacific Park. Every time I've walked past this high-tech trampoline, CC has been too young and too small for me to take it even a bit seriously. (OK, so it kind of freaked me out a little.)

But this time, when one of her friends invited us to the Pier for a play date, the girls made a beeline for it.

It's called the Euro Bungee ($5), and CC went crazy for it.

First, kids hop on a scale, which determines how many bungee cords will be attached to the child. They are then strapped into a belt and hooked up to the cords. After being schooled on the rules (no flips!), the kids can jump as high as they can, aided by a staff member who's in charge of the hydraulics.

What a thrill for CC! She was leaping high in the air -- easily 10 feet -- and was laughing and giggling the whole time. Same for her friends.

The other moms and I talked about how we'd lost our thrill-seeking ride mojo after having kids. Does that happen for everyone?

Luckily, CC also rode rides that were more my speed:

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