Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to Escondido Canyon Trail and Waterfalls ... This Time for Real

A gorgeous day in Malibu!
Back in October, when Ian's cousin was in town, we drove out to Malibu to check out Edward Albert Escondido Canyon Trail and Waterfalls.

We didn't make it very far that time. CC was tired, and it was difficult to convince her that there was, in fact, a waterfall at the end of our hike -- which begins in a beautiful residential area in Malibu.

This time, though, we rocked it.

We crossed multiple streams -- after one fall, without tears(!), CC mastered walking over slippery rocks -- braved muddy passes and even befriended a couple of sheepdogs on the way.

It was a gorgeous Saturday and perfect for hiking. And once we got to the waterfall? Well, it wasn't as majestic as I had imagined but beautiful nonetheless. Southern California needs a bit more water for outright majesty right now. But it was cool seeing the 150-foot falls in the Santa Monica Mountains and all of the gorgeous landscape that's right in our own backyard.

Ian and CC at the falls.

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