Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bundled Up in Berlin

CC sidles up next to the Berlinale Bear in Potsdamer Platz.
We made it! After multiple flights, a long wait on an Atlanta tarmac, a mad dash through a Paris airport and misplaced luggage, CC and I arrived yesterday in a super-cold (by L.A. standards, certainly!) Berlin.

Let's just say we've definitely gotten to know the beauty of layering.

CC has already experienced several firsts since arriving -- seeing snow in a cityscape, which she loves; her first subway, aka U-Bahn, ride; and hearing a language not her own spoken by nearly everyone she sees.

"Why does everybody speak German here?" she asked at one point.

One first she still has yet to try -- a tasty Berliner, aka jelly donut.

While we missed going to the zoo -- it was that cold! So cold, in fact, that CC asked if the zoo was indoors. -- we did catch our first 2012 Berlinale film, "Die Kinder vom Napf," about kids' lives in beautifully rural Switzerland. Stay tuned for that review.

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