Thursday, February 16, 2012

Legoland Berlin Builds Kids' Creativity

Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin
Whether it was watching a mini Berlin Wall fall in front of a Lego-built Brandenburg Gate, sidling up next to the huge Lego giraffe outside or watching a 4D Lego-based movie for kids, CC had an amazing time exploring Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin in Potsdamer Platz, particularly on a snowy February day.

The giant indoor play space offers lots to do for little ones. While CC at first wanted to compare it with the Legoland that's closer to home -- ours, after all, has a water park, she said -- once inside, she turned into a Lego brick maniac, building princess castles, cars that raced down curved tracks and riding dragon and wizard rides.

The fall of the (Lego) Berlin Wall at Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin.
Kids and parents can move around freely, up and down floors, checking out the different parts over and over again. Which we did. What I loved was that they provided buckets and buckets of regular Legos for kids to use as they pleased. It's certainly spectacular to see the mini cities that Legoland builds, but it's also cool to see what your child can build for herself.

Lego shark attack!
CC enjoyed walking through the Jungle Expedition area, which takes visitors through a dimly lit cave that sports Lego alligators, snakes, a hippo, explorers, Indiana Jones(!) and a huge tarantula that kind of freaked me out.

"Touch it!" CC shouted.

"Uh ..." I hesitated.

Finally I relented, overcoming my admittedly ridiculous fake-spider phobia.

"See, Mommy," she said. "It's OK. It's not real."


Eek! Lego tarantula!
While we spent a wonderful half-day at the Discovery Centre, I can't imagine staying all day long. That might be a little much. What was great, though, was the snack bar and eating area that was located right in the middle of the downstairs action. Parents could relax with coffee, hot dogs or Berliners (the donut kind, not the actual city dwellers) and watch their kids play and play.

And, on a lightly snowy morning, being inside -- even with a freaky tarantula -- was all right by me.


Amy Anderson said...

Wow! What a fun experience! I hope C remembers it when she gets older! We miss you guys! xo

L.A. Story said...

I hope she remembers, too! :) We miss you guys and definitely need to get together soon!!!


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