Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introducing myFINDS! *Sponsored*

While you're browsing online, trying to find the coolest summer camp or weekend escape for the family, do you ever wish you could keep all of this info in one place? I know I do. Sometimes, I tell myself that I'll remember something (without writing it down), or I'll write it on a piece of paper that eventually gets tossed with a crumpled pile of receipts.

Well, myFINDS! could be your answer. Created by people behind familyFINDS!, which offers lots of helpful local deals, myFINDS! lets you tag websites with a simple click of your mouse to create lists of fun things to do.

Check out the lists I've created here and here. While my lists focus on top museums or free and inexpensive things you can do in Los Angeles, you can create a list for just about anything. And what's also great is that you can tailor it to your city!

The site works a bit like Pinterest -- there are lots of great pics! -- but myFINDS! focuses more on creating a local community of parents. You can follow other moms and dads to see what they like to do in and around your hometown.

Give it a try! I know I'm always looking for fun places to take CC.

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