Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Safety 1st VersaScan Talking Thermometer

For some kids and parents, the sniffly season might be behind them. For others, myself included, it's still here -- tissues, stuffy noses and all.

That's why I was happy to review a new talking (yes, it talks!) thermometer from Safety 1st. The Safety 1st VersaScan Talking Thermometer ($39.99) is genius. Now, granted, this is coming from a mother who used a thermometer that took a whopping 30 seconds to read CC's temperature. That's like light years when talking about a squirmy child. I never believed that I had exactly the right temperature because she was always off and running before it could offer its dejected beep.

This thermometer? It takes just one second to get an accurate reading. Not only that, but the display shows the temperature, as well as a happy face or sad face depending on if the child (or parent) has a fever. In addition, a voice reads out the temperature and the fever light ring glows red if the temperature hits 99.6 degrees F.

This has been immensely helpful on the days when I wasn't sure if CC was feeling well. Is it just a runny nose or something more?

Some other nifty features include a memory that stores up to 30 readings, as well as the ability to take the temperature of bath water or even food.

I tried the thermometer on my tea, and it let me know that my decaf chai did, in fact, have a fever. Which, in that case, was fine with me.

While cold season might be winding down, I'm happy to have this clever tool in my mom arsenal.

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