Monday, March 19, 2012

Searching Safari at the L.A. Zoo Introduces CC to The Lair

CC is ready for the Searching Safari at the L.A. Zoo.
After the downpour on Saturday, CC and I donned the slickest of rain gear in preparation for Sunday morning's Searching Safari at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

If we were going to embark on our outdoor adventure, we were going to need umbrellas, rain coats and rain boots. But, it turns out, the weather was clear, gorgeous and sunny.

Perfect for a day at the zoo!

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA), which holds the annual event to celebrate patron families of the Safari Club (and invites press like me), prepared for a rainy day by hosting a continental breakfast, face painting and animal meet-and-greets indoors.

After CC received a gorgeous swan on her cheek, she sidled up to the only Hawaiian Owl on the mainland (pictured above right). Apparently the little owl had stowed away on a ship headed for California.

Then the families were off, searching the zoo for animals based on clues that read something like this: "I am from the island nation of Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa. I can live to be well over one hundred years old and feed on plants and fruits."

Answer? Madagascar Spider Tortoise!

In preparation for the rain, GLAZA wisely kept the safari indoors. Not only was it creative in case of another downpour, but it also gave families a chance to check out The LAIR (Living Amphibians Invertebrates Reptiles), a new exhibit that features habitats for "unique and endangered species."

CC hops on a gecko outside The LAIR.
We saw a California Kingsnake and Gila Monster in the Southwest Desert Building and a Madagascar Radiated Tortoise in the Arroyo Lagarto.

After our amazing discoveries, we walked around the zoo grounds for a while, checking out mama lions, koala bears and hilarious meerkats.

Finally, we hopped on the gorgeous Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel. Taking a ride on a lovely unicorn capped off an animal-friendly day.

Los Angeles Zoo and the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association
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Los Angeles, CA 90027
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