Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Martha Stewart's Cooking Again ... on PBS

Martha Stewart helps a press volunteer make an omelet at her PBS panel. (Photo credit: Rahoul Ghose/PBS)
Let me just say that Martha Stewart looks amazing. Seeing her rock an omelet while wearing heels at this weekend's PBS Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton, you wouldn't believe she's about to turn 71.

Some MomsLA friends and I were front and center at her panel, which offered a preview of her upcoming PBS show, Martha Stewart's Cooking School, debuting in October.

Her new program, inspired by her book of the same name, will focus on classic cooking basics and techniques -- something I could definitely use myself.

She was hilarious in the demo/panel -- and quick on her feet. When poor Todd VanDerWerff from The A.V. Club (pictured above) tried to make an omelet alongside Ms. Stewart, she deadpanned that she was afraid of what he was making.

When she was trying to think of the name of a historical figure, she finally sighed and said, "Ken Burns would know." The famous documentary filmmaker just happened to be sitting at one of the front tables in the audience and got a big laugh out of that one.

In true Martha Stewart fashion, she had everyone working -- not only the volunteers on stage but also the audience. She brought jars and ingredients for each of us to make our own vinaigrette -- something, she said, we should never buy in the store but instead make ourselves.

I'm looking forward to checking out the show. Ian and CC, I'm sure, would be happy for me to learn some new tricks when it comes to cooking.

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