Monday, August 20, 2012

CC Finds More to Love at Legoland

Ian and CC are ready for Legoland action.
Summer may be coming to a close (CC starts kindergarten on Thursday!), but we were still able to squeeze in an action-packed day at Legoland California Resort last Saturday -- and see lots of new attractions along the way.

You might remember our last two visits to the little-kid-friendly theme park here and here, but this year it was all about the water park and the (relatively) new Star Wars Miniland.

Ian and CC splish-splash in the Duplo Splash Zoo.
It was a sweltering SoCal day, so the water was a welcome refresher from the August heat. Apparently, what seemed like a million other people had the same idea, because the water park itself was literally filled to capacity shortly after we arrived.

While CC and Ian dashed all around the park, taking dips in the pool, the Build-a-Raft River and riding waterslides, I spent most of the time lounging on a beach chair and dipping a toe in once or twice. (Being pregnant this summer, I totally opted out of the whole bathing suit business. But I was beginning to rethink my motivation last Saturday. It was so hot!)

The play area is great for little kids and bigger kids alike. That's what was so great about when we visited two years ago -- CC was only 3, but she was able to slide on mini slides and still have lots of fun. This year, she was even able to venture onto the bigger slides. (And, this might seem random, but as a parent, I totally love the locker system, which is operated by an electronic wristband that you wear. No more lost keys!)

CC explores Star Wars Miniland.
Next up was Star Wars Miniland, which is part of the greater Miniland USA, made up of Lego sculptures of famous landmarks. Ian and CC were totally nerding out in this area. I just stood back and watched ... and took pictures. CC got up close and personal with a Lego Princess Leia, Chewbacca and R2D2, while also eyeing the above AT-ATs (I had to ask Ian what those things were called).

She also checked out the Capitol building, the White House and our very own Griffith Observatory.

CC in front of the Lego Capitol building.
It's amazing to see all of the mini structures that are made from Legos in this area. How long did it take to make each one, I wonder?

Before we called it a day, CC got to have her pic taken with a very new Lego addition, the girl-friendly Lego Friends. These girls sang mini concerts around the park and took lots of photos with the kids. Very smart, Legoland. With that addition, you instantly hooked my song-and-dance-loving daughter!

CC and the Lego Friends

Legoland California Resort
1 Legoland Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Tickets: Adults 13+ ($95); Children 3-12 ($85) (These prices include admission to Legoland, Legoland Water Park and Sea Life Aquarium. Check online for additional admission offerings.)
Parking: $12 for cars

Note: Media tickets provided.

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