Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Scream, You Scream

That image made your mouth water ... just a little, right? Summer might be setting soon, but on these hot SoCal days, ice cream is the perfect antidote to steamy afternoons or evenings.

So when Unilever, the name behind such famous brands as Magnum, Popsicle, Klondike, Breyers and Good Humor, invited me to check out some of their new offerings gratis, how could I refuse? After all, combine scorcher days with a pregnancy appetite, and, well, let's just say our freezer is happily stocked.

While I was happy to try out some new offerings, I was surprised by how pleased we were with the classics. CC is my little Popsicle girl (and because we don't usually stock a lot of frozen treats, she was happy to have one as a treat on the weekends), while I gravitated toward the Klondike bars and Ian, the awesome Magnum Minis.

And speaking of the minis (pictured above), they're pretty genius!

When we occasionally indulge in ice-cream treats, we usually go for the box of three. It's a decadent dessert, sure, but there's just one for each of us. With the minis, they're so tasty, but they don't feel as if you're overdoing it at all. Something small but also delicious to cap off a nice meal or to indulge in as an afternoon weekend snack. (The minis come in classic or almond. Yum!)

Popsicle, that childhood staple that I remember loving, has branched out and created a few new versions (Yosicle, with a yogurt center, and a Sour Patch Kids incarnation). Honestly, the classic flavors of orange, cherry and grape sounded the best to CC and me, so we stuck with those.

Same goes for Klondike. I loved their mint chocolate chip square bars and decided to go with those over their new Choco Tacos.

As far as new offerings, though, I'd love to try the new York Peppermint Pattie ice cream bars from Good Humor.

OK, so are you wondering now if my sweet tooth has gotten the better of me? I think I need to go have some broccoli now.

Either way, however you decide to treat yourself during this hot summer, enjoy (in moderation, of course), and stay cool!

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